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As an alternative to the more traditional online casino USA that residents play at, the Downtown Bingo website is looking to clean up the area of online casino bingo. Fed up of all the racket houses offering its clients next to nothing, Downtown could be a place that serves you up a real treat, so what do you say? Shall we take a look inside? Shake a leg and let’s head on over.

Downtown Bingo – So who are these people and why is Bingo so special to them as to form an online casino for it?

These wise guys are looking to change the service in online gambling and in the process offer up a huge amount of grand prizes, first-class service and bring the best in online bingo for the avid fan.

They make three key points:

1: All Downtown Bingo members are VIP members.

2: All members get prompt attention upon request.

3: All members get an equal chance at winning the huge moolah inside.

A class act, but what else is there?

Downtown Games – Want the sweet taste of success with Downtown Bingo? Here are some of the big games on offer!

The lobby of downtown bingo casino games throws up some big dollar prizes, Summer Bingo is a progressive Jackpot game, solely in-house, meaning no other sites are going to get their grubby hands on this. Free World Bingo, Diamond Bingo, Tourney Bingo and USA Bingo are carrying sums of money that will make you have dollar signs in your eye-balls for weeks. It’s all bingo, bingo here!

Where there is Bingo, there is Lottery and with that comes Keno and it’s possibly the best mix of Keno games this side of the world. You have 5 mixed themed Keno games, Veggie Keno, Candy Keno, Scary Keno, B-Day Keno and Keno BBQ if you like raising the heat.

The list doesn’t end there, they have 15 Chain Reactor Keno games, this is unlike any casino site we’ve had the displeasure of walking into. They certainly have balls here, that’s in no doubt.

For those players looking to step away from the Bingo can enjoy Downtown’s different video slots, Reel games, for real lovers of spin wins. New games, exclusive games, this is an impressive place to get lost in. Someone say video poker? They got that covered too, don’t’ sweat it!

Getting your hands on the goods – All the things you want from an online casino that only Downtown Bingo offer.

At Downtown Bingo Downtown rewards are up for offer, casino bonus rewards come in numerous shapes and sizes. Bonuses ranging from their bingo deposit bonus to weekly bonus tournaments. Promotions that offers members a royal share of the revenue. Getting the welcome bonus from Downtown Bingo will see you playing all the progressive jackpot games that are exclusively Downtown only games, giving you a better chance of winning and hours of experience, not to be missed. Members are rewarded for their loyalty with weekly prizes and games to celebrate a new charity even each month. Enjoy the guaranteed $13,000 tournament game only playable here!

Bingo online is available at other casinos, but this is by far the most rewarding in terms of what they give to their members, with some very eye-catching deals.

Downtown Bingo offers, reliable software for security, privacy, and a safe gambling entertainment. Personal information is digitally encrypted and also looks after deposits and withdrawal of your money. You can read the whole list of great promotions in the section of their website for the full list of member bonuses and many that they will earn and what you can too when you open an account with them. It’s the best online bingo, casino Downtown Bingo is a community that can’t wait for you to be part of the experience.


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